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Ever wonder what your letters would sound like if played on a piano?  Want to have your kids enjoy learning the alphabet and string together sentences that play back a melody?  Want to just spice up your text messages?  Now you can do all of those thanks to a creative idea put into action by Jono Brandel, creator of Typatone.

Typatone is a “text to tone converter to make sentences into symphonies and morse code music.”  Simply type out a message or copy and paste pretty much any text and Typatone will play specific notes, in a very melodic fashion, for each letter.  Being both a musical artist and programmer, I think the concept is pretty cool!  Being a parent, I believe there is great potential in the educational aspect of this creation.

Creator Jono Brandel used a study from Cornell University to converge the most widely used letters in the alphabet with musical tones and scales that will produce pleasing sounds together.  The less used letters add colorful harmonies and melody to the sound akin to a skillful musician using notes not in a particular scale or lesser used scales to create divers and unique sounds.

Why even bother with this, you may ask?  Well besides being a pretty creative and artful way to write words and communicate, it can be quite a useful education tool.  My daughter is in 1st grade, starting to take spelling tests, and learning how to put words together in a sentence.   Learning can be mundane, but how about making music while she learns?  Kids love making music in any form they can get their hands on.  Playing games to see what kind of music she can create while learning how to type sentences is a wonderful idea!


Give it a try!  Play around with it, maybe you’ll be inspired, maybe not.  If you are a parent, try using it as a teaching tool and comment on your results!

Now let’s try this Post with Typatone


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