Tradecraft Phase Two Evil Winds
Michael Shusko
ISBN: 13: 978-0-99819-595-7
ISBN: 10: 0-99819-595-2
268 pages
This is a piece of writing right out of the headlines.  Michael Shusko has written ‘Evil Winds’ Phase Two of Tradecraft a second in a series of novels set in far away countries that are full of political, economic, and social upheavals.  This part of the series is set in the Sudan and in particular dealing with TradecraftDafurian issues.  A relationship story that includes Angie, a reporter, and a doctor, Jason Russo, who just wants to help people in a ‘war-torn’ country the best way he knows how.  Angie wants answers to her various questions and the adventure starts for the two of them.
The cover art of ‘Tradecraft Phase Two Evil Winds’ by Michael Shusko gives the reader a sense of danger and anxiety with the use of dark gray skies and the woman dressed in native garb of a black-flowing gown blowing in the wind.  In teaching various lessons or even courses from this novel in Social studies and even Sociology lessons are about making individuals feel empowered to do anything they can and being able to accept or not accept what is going on in other societies as well as your own.
This is also a great read for learning vocabulary in Arabic for the author uses some of this ancient language throughout the book, for example,  ‘Bieres bouteille’, khalifah, Mahdiyya.  On page 73, “You don’t understand. I need to tell their whole story in order to get anyone to believe them and want to help. I need pictures of kids playing in the villages before they were refugees or taken away to some battlefield. I need to show how they live in fear every day….’. This statement in this book explains why a lot of us volunteer in various activities.


Up-and-coming news reporter Angie Bryant is determined to get the scoop on what’s really happening in Darfur, no matter the risk. After all, it’s the kind of story that will catapult her career to the next level. Jason Russo is a disillusioned NGO doctor stationed at a refugee camp in eastern Chad. While he tries to help where he can, Jason finds it difficult to get the support he needs to make a difference. But when the pair witnesses Janjaweed soldiers gun down a dozen Darfurian refugees in cold blood, everything changes. Suddenly, the only assignment that matters is telling the world about the current conditions in western Sudan — at all costs. Angie and Jason find themselves racing against time as they work to uncover a sinister secret hidden deep in the Sahara. Their efforts put them directly in the path of a lethal Janjaweed commander. If they want to share their shocking discoveries with the global community, they’ll have to get past him first.


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