highdramaHigh Drama 2 is an original web series that you can view for free on the TheWB website. Episodes six through ten are now available and highlight the ongoing stress and joy of a group of high school students as they participate in a play. I was too shy to join drama, but I do think it is important for kids in high school to join an extra curricular activity. They will expand their horizons, meet new people and get some experience for their future career. Several of the character in High Drama realize that participating in drama, even behind the scenes, will advance their chances in the future.

I participated in a mentor program for several summers. I helped children gain reading skills. I have always loved working with children and wanted to be an elementary teacher. This experience helped me gain entry to college for that degree. Cameron from High Drama 2 realizes his dream is working in the entertainment field and accomplishes this goal by participating in the play. The final episode, below, is very touching as the play ends and each student reflects on what they learned from their experience. High Drama 2 is an original web series, view it now on TheWB.

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I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord to raise awareness for ‘High Drama 2.

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