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As woman, we wear many hats in today’s world. Woman wear the hat of a mother, of a wife, of a daughter, of a daughter in law, of a sister, sister in law, friend, housewife and career woman. All these hats can cause woman to have stress, depression, happiness or anger. Woman can become stressed or overwhelmed with the demands of a certain role or the roles can intertwine or collide and a woman may feel out of sorts. A woman has to develop self care measures to lessen or prevent this stress of all these multiple hats.

Jennifer Louden writes The Woman’s Comfort Book to provide woman with a reference book with many ideas and outlets to turn to when a woman feels stressed or needs some emotional, comfort or distraction measures or ideas. The author states that when we don’t practice self-care, we become sick, become weak, mentally ill or exhaustion sets in or one turns to unhealthy measures of comfort as excessive drinking, eating or shopping. The author also points out that self-care is essential for our survival, it is essential as the basis for healthy, authentic relationships and is essential if we honestly want to nurture the people we care about.

The author states, “As woman we are taught to meet everyone else’s needs before we nurture ourselves.” Self-care is essential to not only ourselves but to our relationship to others.

The author has a wide variety of many different things that one can do for comfort/ nurture oneself when one is feeling burnt out, stressed or just need time for oneself. The author has great ideas and suggestions, some that I would never have thought of doing before I read this book. She divides the book into different problem areas in one woman’s life and different suggestions with how to cope with that aliment in one’s life. Different ideas of self comfort include keeping a comfort journal, having different comfort rituals, taking a day off from work, life to do what one wants to unwind. There are ideas of reading like a child-reading childhood books or classics for comfort, putting play in one’s life-playing like a child. The author tells the reader to visit an art museum, go outside into nature or listen to music, develop a comfort journal or create a personal sanctuary.   These ideas are just a few of the many self-comfort measures that the author provides the reader! She includes many ideas that nurture one’s body, mind and Spirit.  I cannot say enough positive about this book! I love the many different, creative ideas that she has and how she also outlines additional websites or books to go for on the self-comfort idea that she is talking about. So if you are having a bad day, kids are driving you insane, your boss is giving you endless deadlines, pick up this book for some self-comfort measures for you to take care, pamper yourself or the book could just boast your self esteem!


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