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A  cute little children’s book that teaches kids that beauty isn’t always found on the outside of a person and instead teaches that beauty can be found on the inside of someone.  The book also teaches kids to be nice to your enemy and not to mirror their behavior.


About this Book:  

“All the tooth fairies in the world were gathered for the Miss Fairy Smile Contest.”  All the tooth fairies were certain that Bella was going to win because she was beautiful on the outside and also on the inside.  Bella was a very kind tooth fairy.   Then there is Zelda…the meanest of the tooth fairies.  Zelda was jealous of Bella and did everything that she could to get rid of her beauty so that maybe she could win the contest herself.  Before The Miss Fairy Smile Contest, Bella happens to loose a tooth and she is certain that she will loose the contest now.  Bella tries to borrow a tooth from a little girl or boy for the contest.  Does she succeed?  Meanwhile, Zelda is still up to her mean tricks with Bella and continues to ridicule her.  What does Bella do in return to Zelda?  Because Bella has a kind heart, she hugs Zelda to try to spread her kindness onto her and hopefully turn her nice?  Does it work?   Read this book to learn all about these fairies!  Who wins the contest?  Read this cute little book today to find out! ->The Toothless Tooth Fairy




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