The Secret Sheriff of Sixth Grade

                          Jordan Sonnenblick

ISBN:  978-0-545-86320-9
Scholastic Press
193 pages
Sixth grade what a change a person must adapt to in school.  This is a year of making transitions for many children who are not ‘children’ anymore.  The main character of Maverick is such a character who has many decisions to make.  Maverick wants to be a helper and make friends as well as fit in with his classmates.  Maverick has not only school issues, but also has to learn to deal with home issues that lead to the problems at school.
Jordan Sonnenblick has written ‘The Secret Sheriff of Sixth Grade’ to help children make some decisions on how not to handle problems that are presented to you.  My favorite part of the story was when Mav started to see what he and his classmates were learning with the help of the school principal as well as with his aunt.  This is another story of learning how to make choices that are necessary for physical and mental health.  Parents, teachers and even counselors can use this book to help students make these choices and help students make their own decisions during various situations as in when Maverick was trying to help others.  This is also a story of how making transitions we can still learn to confront bullies and other confrontations that we learn to deal with in our lives as adults.  The story shares how the characters learn to work together and slowly begin to understand each other.
           A five star read all about understanding. Find it at

About the Author

Jordan Sonnenblick is the author of eleven books for children and young adults, including Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie.He taught 8th grade English in New Jersey for 11 years. He would have been happy teaching middle school forever, but life took a strange turn. In 2002-03, he had a student named Emily, whose little brother was in treatment for cancer. Emily rarely talked about her brother’s illness, but of course it was very hard on her. One day he asked her mom whether it would be helpful if he found a book for Emily to read about a teen going through a similar situation. Emily’s mom said yes, but since he couldn’t find a novel that he thought would be just right for Emily.

He wrote Drums, Girls & Dangerous PieSo there’s That

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