In today’s culture, Love is talked about anywhere and everywhere.  People also have many different definitions of what love is, what it means to be in love and what it feels like to be loved.   In this book, Vironika Tugaleva talks about what love is, what it isn’t and shares her personal journey towards finding love in herself and in life.

About the Author:

As the back cover of the book says,”Vironika is an author, speaker, people lover, reformed cynic, and a different kind of spiritual teacher.  Compassionate, inspiring, and wise beyond her years, she has dedicated her life to teaching people all over the world how to heal their minds and discover their inner strength.”  She also has a website that feature her books and events.  Her website also is like a self help website as well.

I would consider this a self help book and a spiritual book offering many people wisdom and insight about love based upon Vironika’s life experience, failed relationships, her relationship with herself and with others.   She writes in a style that is easily understood.  She uses many powerful analogies in her book that help explain what love is and what it isn’t.  She begins the book and states that love is not only a necessity of life; it is the origin of life.  She also states that there is no limit on love.   She also states that the only risk of love is being closed off to love and living a life of failing to perceive it.  So what is love?  What is the true definition?  Is love an action, the kissing and hugs to one another?  Is love a choice and something that you had to make a decision to?

What does she say love is?  Love is a unity.  “It is a spiritual web that ties together all living things.”  She states that love is ever lasting and eternal and is dominant of all things in life.    Where does the title of the book come from- “The Love Mindset.”  “What is the love mindset.”   Vironika states that with a love mindset, there is an unity between the mind and the heart.  With a love mindset, she states that the love mindset is like a compass that always points to love.

Vironoka also has a chapter of being addicted to triggers, (we don’t really understand love, but we become addicted to the feeling of love and wanting that feeling.)  Other chapters including feeding the mind, chapter-titled-you and I-(in order to love another, we must first love ourselves.) Chapters also include  topics around who you really are,  searching for permanence, looking at you, self-protective, self-destruction, The villain, the preacher and the teacher and the challenge.

This book is for anyone who have ever wondered truly what love is, has had problems with love in their life and for those wondering how love is truly the dominant force in today’s world.   I think there are good points and bad points of this book.   I like how the author used her own personal experience about what love is.  She also has a way with words and with using the perfect comparisons of how love is similar to this or that.  I think the book was a little repetitious and could have said what she wanted in fewer chapters.  The material is a little dry, where maybe adding a little humor would keep the reader more engaged.  These are just my thoughts.  If you search for reviews for this book, you will also find many positive reviews of the book.  Read the book and see what you think of the book.


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