With little kids roaming around and busy schedules to manage, we find that our home and lives often feel disorganized. Currently, we are in the midst of a major overhaul of our home organization as we are transitioning our little one out of our room and into his own bedroom.

Our makeover does not involve home improvement services or extensive new purchases, we are simply shifting furniture and redesigning the setup of various rooms within our home. Our basement is going to become more of a child-friendly playroom with a conventional design similar to a small childcare facility.

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Since we do a lot of work on our computers at home, we are also setting up a small home office corner in our living room that looks nice and offers some upstairs office functionality. 

We tend to go months or years without making changes and then get restless and decide to shift things or redo everything at once. It is fun to conceive ideas for home makeovers, but it is certainly a lot of work, especially moving large and heavy pieces of furniture.

The biggest dilemma we run into with major home changes is that with work during the week, it is hard to have the energy at night to work on home projects. This means that whatever is left sitting around following the weekend work can take several days to be put away or organized. I am not big on work in progress and try to get rooms straightened up on the weekend after we have finished working in an area.

It is amazing how many different types of cool organizational tools and storage products you can find now. We are trying to organize our toys into various bins like you find at daycare centers so that our kids can grab one set of toys and pick up after each activity.

Disclosure: This is a paid article post of a general nature. All opinions are my own.

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