car lotShopping for a car is one of the most exciting and frustrating experiences you can have all at once is shopping for a new car. Though it is often more advisable to spend time researching online before going to the dealership, we tend to do more window shopping.

The challenge with window shopping at the local Dodge dealer, Chevy dealer, Ford dealer or Jeep dealer is that salespeople at car lots do not typically know how to handle a window shopping car buyer. Their instincts are to follow you around and be prepared for the moment’s notice when you have identified a car that you want to test drive or learn more information about.

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We have found that one of the ways to have the most success in looking over the cars with less pressure is to avoid seeming overly desperate when you are first approached. If you act like you have a great and urgent need for a vehicle, the salesperson is more apt to try to push you into making a purchase. If you are a little more casual in your initial response at first approach, you might get a bit of breathing room to shop the lot until you find the car that you do want to explore further.

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