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Do you ever wonder why your necklaces are all tangled up in a knot in your jewelry box?  Its the bling fairies at work in your jewelry box!  So you ask what’s a bling fairy?  “Bling fairies are among rings, things and blings.”  The bling fairies take turns to spin and weave the gold strands of jewelry hanging on the door of a tall jewelry box lined with the perfect velvet!  Maureen Sky, author of the bling fairies of Junkett falls creates a creative story of a little community of fairies with different personalities.  The book of course has the heroes and villains of the story.  Velvy: is an young fairy who’s turn is to spin and weave the gold strands inside the tall jewelry box.  While the reader reads about the adventure of Velvy doing her spin, he or she learns about the other fairies in this community.  You also meet a dragon-at first a villain then possible a hero?  This book is written for elementary grade kids and possibly for young teens.  I found this book to be rather entertaining and quite creative.  Who would have thought that fairies are at work at night in your jewelry box making a tangle out of your jewelry?

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