The Benefits of Herbal Medicine

The subject of Health Care is all over the news these days. Among other things the expense of prescription drugs is constantly rising. Sure we all want to see the elimination of sickness and diseases like cancer wiped from the earth. Research for these drugs is quite expensive.For some problems  natural Herbal medicine may be the answer , although they may not be the answer to everything but for centuries they have been used in helping to ease  various problems in the human condition.


Although medicinal herbs are popular in various parts of Asia and Africa, they are relatively new to Western countries. In fact, there are still hesitations in using these organic medicines because they can’t be sure about the effects.

The truth is that even before we have discovered medical drugs as we know now, medicinal herbs had been widely used for centuries. Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks have been found to use these herbs.

As long as they were prepared properly and the herbs were not deemed to contain poisonous substances, there is nothing wrong in giving them a try. In fact, some of them have already been a part of our diet. Ginger and garlic are the most common medicinal herbs that are used in various dishes.

There should be a bigger support for medicinal herbs as they are cheaper alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs. Besides, they are effective in treating some of the most serious illnesses. Turmeric for instance is said to be useful in fighting depression. Ginseng is also another herb that can treat lung problems and sex related issues.

There are a lot more that you can get out of medicinal herbs if you try them out. Of course, you still have to consult with your physician just to be sure. Also, if there are allergic reactions, stop using the herbs right away.

Below is a list of the most effective medicinal herbs for you to try. Check out the infographic and start using these herbs to treat various illnesses now.

Top 10 Medicinal Herbs... And What They Treat

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