Tassimo Iced CoffeeAs avid Starbucks and McDonald’s Iced Coffee drinkers, we were excited to get a chance to test out the new iced coffee drinks for the Tassimo. During the summer months we do not drink much hot coffee, so we had tucked our Tassimo away for a while. These new iced coffee drinks gave us a reason to pull it back out.

In its classic gourmet brewing style, the Tassimo brews up iced coffee just as neatly as at does hot coffee drinks. The brewing process is still very simple.  Just place the coffee T-discs in the brewer and wait for the fantastic cup of brewed iced coffees.

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As routine daily iced coffee drinkers going on about three years, we may not completely give up our restaurant style coffees, but for that extra caffeine fix on a hot day or simply to avoid the trip out, the Tassimo, though certainly a bit pricy, definitely measures up with its quality iced coffee drinks!

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