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Springpad is a new online personal organizer that is FREE. I was happy to try it out and I think it is a great time saver and easy organizing tool.  For instance, I am constantly finding great websites or products that I want to remember for later.   I always bookmark them, but since my bookmark isn’t organized, I forget and never get back to it.   Springpad will organize that for you, plus more.  Springpad is integrated with the Web’s most popular services and makes it easy to discover, collect and organize content from publishers, brands and your friends in one place.   It also allows you to personalize, share and use your content in Springpad’s apps designed for everything from creating lists to planning tasks, events and projects.


My favorite thing on Springpad is it will help me keep track of what books I come across. I am always on the lookout for the next best read. Usually I write it on a piece of paper that gets lost or taken by my six year old. Springpad has a book section where you just type in the name of the book, just type it in and Springpad will make suggestions & help you add the book with just a few key strokes. When you’re at the bookstore, scan the book’s bar code with the Springpad iPhone app. When you’re surfing the web, use the Springpad Clipper to save books that you come across. Just click the links on both options to find out more.


Springpad also will save recipes that you can share with your friends who are also on Springpad. You can also find some great recipes, I found a yummy Chicken enchilada one. Those are only a couple of ways to use Springpad. They will help you keep track of movies, products you want to buy, favorite local restaurants, task lists and more. Springpad also has a blog with lots of tips and updated information. To get started, for free, visit the website and follow the directions. It is easy to use and fun too.  Make sure and add me as a friend


In order to be entered into the giveaway, you must create your own (free!) Springpad account. Then spring, or save, something on your wish list–it can be anything from a book to a pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on.  Each item you spring works as a raffle ticket, so the more things you spring the more chances you have to win!  Then enter your Springpad username (like so: in the comments section so we can track what you’ve saved.  The winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card to go towards that item.  This contest will end April 16th.

Have fun and if you need more tips or help, Click here to watch this helpful video.

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Book Room Reviews BOOK ROOM REVIEWS - BOOK REVIEWS & WRITING TIPS | VISIT NOW Copyright (C) Read more at... .