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Simply Chickie Baby Clothing review

I wanted to share with a great company that offers 100% organize cotton baby clothes that are cute, comfortable, and completely organic. Simply Chickie Clothing is designed by Gwendolyn, who owns Gwen Designs and developed the business based on a desire to provide her own daughter Elizabeth with quality organic clothes.

I got a chance to check out the “I Toot Toot” hat and onesie. The clothes are extremely cute and the phrase is certainly relevant for those that have had the pleasure of holding a little one. The clothes include the “I Toot Toot” phrase with a picture of a little green train. The onesie even arrived with a little ribbon and pin holding a card in place.

If you are like Gwen, and you want to offer your baby 100% organic cotton material clothing, check out the Simply Chickie clothing line from Gwen Designs!  The products are priced a bit higher than some other comparable brands.  The onesie is $24 and the hat is $14.  However, the modest price discrepancy is modest compared to other products that use 100% organic materials.

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  1. I have been looking for nice baby clothing that are cotton and am so greatful for simple chickie clothing,they have the best clothing for all kids.Thanks for the blog.

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