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We all seek happiness in our daily lives.  What things bring happiness in our lives?  A favorite hobby maybe?  A kind word from another?  A hug from a child, maybe.  What can we say daily to ourselves to bring happiness into our lives?  Simple Words is a book filled of affirmations or a book of positive simple words that we can read daily or pick up the book when we need to be lifted back up.  Shannon Hill, the author of the book asks what simple words can we say daily to bring happiness or what simple words can help focus our minds and put our energy back into our goals.

The book is broken down with many positive affirmations.  The author suggestions that we read one of the affirmations a day and focus  in on that affirmation.  If we focus in on too many thoughts, our minds can get boggled down.  This book also is filled with beautiful pictures of flowers, birds and has many other pretty pictures to draw us into the book.

Some examples of the affirmations were:

“I will smile with my whole body.”  “I will exhale and release all the tension from my body.”  We all need reminders sometimes of things that make us happy or what we can do to forget our troubles or ease the tension away.  In this book, Shannon Hill does this very things; reminds us how to say simple things to ourselves to make us happy or ease the tension away.


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