Read A Thon Hour Eleven

What I ate:  nada

What I read:  Umm not much,  I’m lame

What I did besides read:  I picked up around the house and tried to figure out those book covers and visited a bunch of great blogs in the process.  Fun!  Now I’m getting ready for supper, It’s difficult for me to read during the day with family around, I always read at night.  How about you? 

How I’m feeling:  hungry! It’s supper time here in the midwest!


  1. I’ve been up since the beginning but I read faster and more comprehensively in the evening and into the night too, after the men are all abed. I’ve only posted once and spent my non-reading time encouraging a few readers with comments. Lots of hours left yet for us. No worries.

  2. I’m sure you’ll get a lot done tonight after everyone goes to bed. What’s for dinner? I’m getting hungry myself!

  3. lol Tracy. You’ll catch up on reading tonight. I hope to also. It’s supper time here too and that’s just what I’m heading to do-I’m starving. Enjoy your dinner.

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