Possibly the Best Gift Idea Ever!

Okay, bear with me – baskets might not sound like the perfect present for your fashionista girlfriend, sport-loving boyfriend or tearaway tots. But there really is a basket for everyone, as I discovered whilst recently browsing for family gifts.

What present do I buy?

Sometimes I find myself lacking inspiration for presents for my friends and family. It’s not through a lack of love for my nearest and dearest. Indeed I know their likes and dislikes and want to get them something they will be thrilled with. However, after years of exchanging gifts at special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, weddings and anniversaries, it can be hard to think of something different that will prove to be both liked by and useful to the recipient.

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I want my presents to have longevity, be practical in some way and preferably have uniqueness to them. I don’t want my friends or relatives to feel I have just grabbed something off a high street retailer’s ‘gift pack’ section. So when I was recommended the extensive basket selection at east2eden.co.uk I was excited to discover solutions to all my pressie-finding woes!

Why Baskets?

When you think of baskets, you probably envision traditional wicker picnic or shopping styles. Wicker does form a large part of the basket market due to its timeless appeal and sturdy, practical nature. Being handmade, wicker baskets have individual character, and coming in many different sizes, they are practical for a range of uses. There are other choices available such as seagrass and jute.

Shopping for Family Gifts

I was quite taken with the light hue of driftwood wicker and will be getting a traditional shopping basket with canvas and gingham lining for my mother-in-law. Red and white gingham edges the removable canvas lining and is tied in cute bows beneath the handles. It really sets off the basket that has a country kitchen feel.

One of the best things about baskets as gifts is that you can fill them with items personal to your loved ones – anything from edible treats to clothes, books to art supplies, toys to games and everything in between! It adds a surprise element as obviously the basket alone is a nice present, and it adds a personal touch showing you’ve put thought and effort into it.

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to find a suitable basket for my young niece but east2eden.co.uk did not disappoint and I found a super cute honey wicker gondola-style shopping basket for her. It is a gorgeous shape and a bargain to boot so I might have to get one for myself…

I digress – I still had to get something for my sister-in-law and her partner. I came across east2eden’s lovely vintage ‘gamekeeper’ series, which consists of a wine bottle gift box, a mini chest and a trunk style suitcase. I opted for the wine box and mini chest for my sister-in-law and her partner as they are country folks and will appreciate the solid wood, pretty brass fastenings and the beautiful ‘gamekeeper’ painting that embellishes the designs. The suitcase might end up being another treat for me!

So there you have it – baskets can make thoughtful and practical gifts that last for years. Why not have a browse today?

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