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Erin YunOh, the world of middle school.  Erin Yun has written a middle grades novel entitled ‘Pippa Park Crush at First Sight’ Pippa Park Crush at First Sightwhich is a sequel to her previous Pippa Park novel“Pippa Park Raises her Game “.  This is the story of Pippa and her friends during the month before Christmas that puts Pippa in charge of organizing her social life along with other various issues that occur in families.  Will Pippa see things clearly?’Erin Yun has once again wrote a novel about how middle school can teach many skills that will help youth learn what is really important in living their lives presently and in the future.  Erin gives Pippa many decisions to make in dealing with these various situations that occur with family and friends that occur at school and in the community.  Pippa even learns what not to do or does she.  My favorite parts are when she deals with her sister; talking with her friends and wondering if she is ‘fitting in’ with the group, as all middle school kids wonder from time to time.  Erin also includes how Pippa gets along and gets to know others issues young and old.  Teachers in the middle school classroom could ask the question ‘Do you see Pippa accomplishing what she needs to do?’  This is a question that could start a discussion time for there are other discussion questions to be added at the end of the book so that students improve communication skills.  Another lesson could be a fun spelling/language lesson would be to have a quiz on the Korean words that are presented in the book.

Join Pippa Park as she juggles friendships, bullying, crushes, and family in the sequel to the compelling drama-filled middle school book Pippa Park Raises Her Game.

Korean American Pippa Park picks up right where she left off . . . trying to balance basketball, school, friends, working at the struggling family laundromat, and fitting in. Eliot, her math tutor—and the cutest boy at school—is finally paying attention to her. And Marvel—her childhood friend—is making her required volunteering much more interesting. But things with the Royals, her new friends and teammates who rule the school, still feel a bit rocky. Especially because Caroline, a head Royal, would like nothing more than to see Pippa fail.

About the AuthorErin Yun grew up in Frisco, Texas, and used to play basketball as a middle grader. She received her BA in English from New York University and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Creative Writing at Cambridge. She developed the Pippa Park Author Program, an interactive writing workshop, which she has conducted in person and virtually at schools, libraries, and bookstores.

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2022ISBN:  978-1-944020-80-4Fabled Films Press260 pages

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