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When I read a press release about another eReader called Pandigital,  my thought was good luck with that and is this related to Avatar?   There are so many eReaders out there now and it is difficult to compete with the big boys of Apple and Amazon. But then I looked at what it offered a little closer and I am excited to find out how well this one works.  Here is what their website says it will offer.


Microsoft Surface Book 3
  • Read. Surf. Play. The Pandigital Novel Color Multimedia eReader will change the way you curl up with a good book.With instant access to the Barnes & Noble online bookstore, the Pandigital Novel Color Multimedia eReader lets you read and carry hundreds of books, magazines, and newspapers with you wherever you go.
    • Over 1 million books, magazines and newspapers available from the Barnes & Noble online bookstore
    • Built-in WiFi lets you surf the web and send emails
    • Plays music and video. View your photos.

They had me at Barnes and Noble, and surfing the web. Pandigital also plans to release a firmware update that will support the thousand of apps for Android. That is very appealing. I think the price is great at $199, to have all of these features. I am excited to see what happens. It is coming out soon.  Pandigital website has more information if you are interested.

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