About Orphans of Kryminster

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Tristan Forester

When their parents are torn from them life becomes a constant struggle for survival for Onas and the street children of Kryminster. When Onas finds a mysterious parchment, and Jules’ little sister is snatched away, an adventure begins that transports the orphans of Kryminster to a hidden world beneath the waves, a world where danger and magic lurk around every corner. They must win a race against time to rescue Figgle before it is too late and she becomes another victim of the vile Sable Thrasp.

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About the Author

As a writer Tristan Forester is  a firm believer in the story being everything. Tohim the most magical books are the ones that can whisk you away to a place and an adventure that you could never have imagined. In his writing he values imagination, distinctive characters and evocative imagery. He believes the stories that stay with us and that we truly love are the ones with the characters we feel we have met and places we feel that we have been to.

Don’t forget to visit the Author’s website www.tristanforester.com

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