I have to admit I don’t play games on the computer, especially on Facebook. I also get annoyed at those posts about games on my wall. The new Facebpok app, A Better World, is different. A Better World is a Facebook game where players can do good deeds and get rewarded. Instead of getting wall requests saying stuff like “Will you help train my Ninja”, you will get a message like “I am thankful for having you in my life.” I would be happy to find that kind of message on my wall.

How to Play

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The game starts where you will build your avatar and design your room. You can keep some of your items in your treasure box to give away to other people and earn good deeds money to spend. You can spend your money in the town and purchase new clothes, household goods and gifts for others. My favorite place is the Gratitude Grotto.


At the Gratitude Grotto, you can write what you are grateful for. Then you can read what others are grateful for and vote on each message to earn more money.   The Positive Post store, is a post office where you can send personal messages to friends and family on Facebook. They encourage you to leave them a positive, uplifting message.

In A Better World, You can:

– Express Gratitude & Send Positive Thoughts

– Customize your Look & Decorate your Own House

– Visit your Friends in the Village & Give Wonderful Gifts

– Play Fun Games like ThreeCycle &Thump-A-Thought

A Better World is fun and easy to navigate. It is wonderful to see a game you can play with your children and teach the values and rewards of giving to others and expressing gratitude. You can join in the fun and play A Better World on their Facebook Page.

ToonUps is an animated software company whose mission is to use fun, upbeat cartoons and games to lighten and enlighten our world. All our products—whether focused on individuals, communities, or on the workplace—are built with these values in mind and with the purpose of realizing A Better World. Visit us at www.toonups.com.

Disclosure:  I received a gift card from Likeable Media as thanks for testing and writing about this game.  All of my opinions are honest.

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