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I don’t quite know where to start. These audio books for children ages 3- 7 are greatly original and very professionally produced. The stories are short enough to keep young children engrossed in the characters adventures but long enough to provide an interesting story. Most are 5-10 minutes in length. Not only are the stories filled with fun and playful little animal creatures but it’s also about the music. With extensive backgrounds in the music industry both Anna-Christina and Adie Hardy have put together a team of people to create the perfect combination of Jazz, Classical, and even a little Country Western for “Cowboy Dan”(I got a Hankerin’ for some beans) to complement their stories. Anna is also the Narrator of all the stories and provides many of the voices along with Adie.

Oh did I mention Anna and her team are from the U.K.- Maybe it’s just me but I think the accent makes the animal voices a little more enjoyable.

With titles like Johnny no Cash, The Big Apple (A little worm takes a trip to “THE” Big Apple inside a Little Apple.) and Jimi and his Friend Joe these stories can be enjoyed by the kiddies anytime.They would be great for trips in the car. Even at bedtime while falling to sleep.
Children that are Visually impaired would really appreciate them. It’s not just the kids though,I really liked them. they are not just empty children’s stories. Besides being funny and well written they have a message in the story. How to deal with Bully’s and how anyone can become friends with you if you give them a chance.
This is where we let Anna and Adie introduce themselves…

My name is Anna Christina! I am the award-winning author, narrator, musician, storyteller and owner of Music Audio Stories. My journey began in audio production. Whilst working on my first audiobook, I couldn’t find any other audio stories combining original classical music with original children’s stories, sound effects and rhyming styling like mine. I decided to invent my own genre and call my creations ‘Music Audio Stories’.

I am qualified in Sound Engineering, Music and Sound Technology and Music Production. I have been a professional touring and recording artist, musician, songwriter, composer and singer for many years – My natural flair for strong-themed storytelling, both in writing and in music, is prominent in my unique brand of music audiobook

I don’t know how much more I can recommend these stories. They are as good as any kid’s book we’ve recommend on Bookroomreviews . So if you want to purchase something fun and different visit
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