Yellow BeddingOne of the things we take the least initiative with is replacing old bedding. We tend to let our sheets and blankets get to the point that the are raggedy with large holes before we go shopping for new ones. We had a yellow comforter at one point that we debated about throwing away for nearly a year before it finally made it out the door.

With our last little one, we actually reused much of the same crib bedding that we had with our previous two kids. While they were generally clean, it might have been nice for him to get his own special bedding. However, we tend to be pretty low key with kid bedrooms as our kids generally only sleep in them and play out in the living areas of our home.

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Despite the fact that we do not buy them often, it is fun getting a completely new bedding set, especially if the material is gentle and comfortable to sleep with. It is interesting that we are more proactive in getting a new pair of chacos, candles for the kitchen or bookshelves than we are in getting items that help us enjoy something we spend nearly one-third of our lives doing – sleeping. But, when you have small children, the concept of getting a good night’s rest is often near the bottom of the totem pole.

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