If you were me and lived in India A Child’s Introduction to Culture Around the World By Carole P. Roman



This book is part of the series that takes kids around the world and exposes kids to the culture of different countries.  This  book is written at a child's level that shows kids about the culture of India, including the history, geography, food, language, sports and different activities that kids do in India. The book starts out with a picture of our globe and points out the location of where India is in the world.   The book has colorful pictures that also tell a story themselves about the culture of India.    Kids will learn how India is different than their own country, yet similar.  I think that this book was very well written and simple for a child to understand.  This book is educational, but written in a fun way!

The author is a retired social studies teacher who enjoys teaching kids about our world.  She has many grandkids whom she will share her books with.

If you have a chance, read this book with your child and let them learn about India!


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