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How to Make  Writing about History about History Most Interesting to Students

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History, as many say and academic journals would reflect, depends on who is telling the story. Admittedly, people, world globestudents in particular, are not fond of the subject. They claim it as boring, uninteresting, and irrelevant. In addition, many question the validity of what is written in history books and claim the facts as falsified events.

And so, it is the aim of this article to give tips on how to make history more relevant to students, sort of how to make them step back in time with glee in their hearts. One may ask why them. It is because their minds are still open for “positive infiltration” and it is the ideal time to give them what they should know.

Here are a number of ways to make write-ups about history more appealing to the young ones:

Make a connection between the history subject and a current issue. This is make them see that history plays a major role on what’s happening today, that what they are enjoying right is a result of what happened before. Be sure to connect a current issue that appeals to their age group and interest.

Be a bit lax on the deadlines. Students are shaky about deadlines so apply less pressure to give them room to breathe and this will serve as a great homework help for them. They are not yet adults, although, impart in them that they need to abide with deadlines the real world has a lot of it.

Give them a dosage of reality. If they would be able to feel the conditions of the historical period that you are discussing, then they would immerse more and would be able to come up with an interesting and intellectually-provoking write-ups.

Sometimes, they just a little nudge in order to make them realize that while we should treat the past as the past, we also need to look back and reflect on the morals that it bring. Set an example to the students so they will know that they are not the only one who should do it.

About the Author:

Candice Larson writes anything under the sun. She dreams of becoming a novelist someday or perhaps a celebrity manager  of her favourite artist. Candice is currently taking up her graduate studies on writing.
How to Make Writing about History More Interesting to Students



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