Teachers are often quoted as saying the demands of school districts are suppressing their ability to show and instill passion on important developmental tasks to their students. Some teachers believe that the increasing focus on standardized examinations has caused students to lose time to develop separate productive interests. One example, pertinent to the development of young students, is a passion to read. Teachers and parents alike have noticed a dieing interest in reading do to new technological advances. In a world constantly engaged through text, email, and social media there is a loss of connection to the imagination, a loss of connection to intellectual development. So we call on you readers, the teachers, the advocates to reach your audience. Remember to take advantage of all available sources. A teacher may have a Facebook, Twitter, or web page specific for their students. Choose this to introduce the chosen topic. Reiterate your chosen topic in the classroom. Door hangers, bumper stickers, banners, and more could all be signs used in school or an office to emphasize your cause. Schools can order doorhangers for a chosen topic and display them around the school. Imagine the students who ten minutes, five minutes, three minutes before the bell have their eyes glued to the door. Don’t let this loss of attention from your teaching plan be a total loss. With the average attention span of a student being ten minutes, let the end of that time slot be a start to newly directed attention on a productive helpful topic. The directed attention is the door hanger’s message. The chosen topic will be distributed through every door in the building. Teachers join together. Imagine the amount of attention grabbed if all teachers and faculty displayed a custom bumper sticker, an entire fleet with your message roaming through the streets. This fleet will be located in the school parking lot, anyone can tell you the young drivers of America focus on anything and everything on the road. While parking, lasting no longer than ten minutes, the students attention will be grasped by the fleet force of your chosen platform. The bumper stickers would be the seeds of your movement. Planted in the brains of your students watered and tended by the care of your teaching, it will sprout and hopefully when ready and the young students are adults their children will be born into a life with the same care, the care to develop their minds and creativity. A complaint is not the end to a problem. There are serious issues involving the development of our countries future (the children) take a stance. Get creative and DO.

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