HBSA titleIt all starts with a CRASH!!! and a lie. It ended with a confession, a pink kitty bell and a new best friend. Everything in between is a wonderful and original adventure for Henry  he struggles through his quest to find and retrieve his stars.What stars you may ask? Well it seems we are born with so many stars in our heart.Certain things  and happenings can result in us losing them. When this happens to Henry he decides( or is it Lion) decides to go and find his stars and get them back.

This decision results in a  great adventure filled with scary monsters,fantastical creatures.As Henry searches for his own stars he discovers a few things about himself along the way.He learns a few lessons about how to treat people and maybe take the time to know someone before judging to harshly.

Microsoft Surface Book 3

It’s a very entertaining story with a fairy tale type atmosphere. Young kids will really enjoy it and it;s fun to read to little ones.It will open up their little imaginations. No child will be able to read it without realizing the true moral of the story.Very well put together with two young believable characters.They learn that they must work together to achieve their goals (another nice lesson). The clever illustrations by Jason Okutake follow the story perfectly and add just the right whimsical touch. If you are looking for a great adventure for your child this is it…


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