Our family likes to hang out on the patio deck in the spring and summer time enjoying the natural setting around us. This is the perfect time of year in Iowa as the weather is mild with modest temperatures and gentle breezes. One of the first things we do each springtime is pull out the patio furniture from storage, stick it on the deck, and get the grill going and the fun outdoor kid activities.

I especially enjoyhing the opportunity for some peaceful alone time where I can lay out on the outdoor chaise lounge and read or simply enjoy some peace and quiet that does not often come along when you have two little ones running around your house.

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My six year old really enjoys playing on the deck and especially likes to take his water toys out and play around in the water.  He also enjoys our backyard and swinging and running around.  My husband spends a lot of time on the deck grilling in the spring and summer which is nice for many reasons.  First, it is nice to have someone else cooking meals.  But, it is also very relaxing for us all to sit out and enjoy the warmth and the smell of the grill.

Some of our older furniture needs to be replaced so we plan to take a trip out soon to shop for some wicker furniture or other patio supplies to make sure we are fully prepared to enjoy the patio and the best that Iowa weather has to offer this spring and summer.

While we don’t have a pool at our house, we often like to go visit family who does and enjoy hanging out next to the pool, getting some son, and catching up on things that have gone on during the harsher winters that we have just experienced in the Midwest.

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