Halloween-ya say?  Where does the time go?  Only one week to go-a little less than a week-with Halloween being on a Friday this year!

Do you need some last minute Halloween Ideas for your family?

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Costumes?  Oh no!  You forgot a costume and Halloween is right around the corner?  What to do?  Well here are some quick and easy DIY costumes!

1)  A present-Wrap a huge box with pretty wrapping paper, cut a hole through the bottom to go over your child’s head!  For a finishing touch, add some bows and tinsel to your child’s hair!

2)  A baby-  A pair of cute pajamas, a child’s teddy bear, buy a rattle, carry around a blanket, add some freckles to your child’s face and if a girl-put her hair in pigtails and she is ready to go!

3)  Christmas Tree-  (from personal experience!)  Buy two big pieces of cardboard poster boards, cut them in the shape of a Christmas trees,  paint it green, add some ornaments out of foil, pretty paper and some tinsel!

4)  Black Cat- ( more for a girl but could be adaptable for a boy)  for a girl-black leotard, black pants, with black tutu.  At a costume store-find some cat ears, cat tail and paint on some whiskers and nose on!  For a boy-instead of a leotard-Wear a black t-shirt and black pants, with the same accessories!

5)  A fairy-buy some wings, get a tutu skirt, leotard,  stretch pants and toy wand!

6)  Pirate- A bandana,  sweat pants, t-shirt, make a sword out of foil or buy a toy sword, carry around a stuffed animal parrot, paint child’s face and get a black eye patch!

7)  Halloween costume out of child’s dress up clothes!  You know your daughter has an Ana or Elsa dress!

8) A dog-Brown pajamas with footsies and buy the dog ears, dog tail at any halloween store and paint your child’s face.

9)  A bunny- Leotard, tights and tutu, then buy the ears and tail.  For a boy-some pajamas with footsies, then buy the bunny ears and tail at the halloween store!  carry around a toy carrot and paint child’s face!

10)  A ghost made out of a sheet-big white sheet with eyes, nose and mouth cut out for ghost face!


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