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Another book in the:  When I grow up I want to Be series.  In this book, Sofia wants to be a Veterinarian!  Sofia wants a pet so bad and always asks her mom but she always says no!  Sofia’s mom says that Sofia needs to know how to take of an animal and how to be a responsible pet owner.  UnknownMom tells Sofia that it is not the right time for them to get a pet, but tells Sofia, “Maybe someday.”  One night, it is raining hard and a stray cat comes to their window and Sofia begins to feed it.  The cat comes back for a few nights with Sofia feeding her until her mom notices her feeding the cat.  Sofia has fallen in love with the cat and even gave the cat a name!  Mom catches on to how much Sofia cares for the cat and Mom agrees to feed the cat, but tells Sofia that the cat needs cat food and not table scraps.  Mom tells Sofia that they should take her to the vet to make sure the cat is healthy.    At the vet, Sofia learns all about what a vet does and how important their role in animals’ lives are.  Sofia decides that she wants to become a vet when she grows up!  Does she keep the cat?  Read on and See!

In this book, kids will learn all about different kinds of small and large animal vets and all about their roles in animals lives.  There are many great facts and much education about what a vet does. The book also has fact sheets about vets and their role with animals with many great photos of many types of animals.  The book also features The Veterinarian Oath that Vets pledge to themselves, their profession and to the animals they treat.  Like the other books in this book series that I have reviewed on, I was very impressed with this book and with the great format and layout of this book!  I liked how there are side fact sheets about the different roles that vet plays talked about the different vet types and how the book had many pictures of animals and vets!  Besides the cute storyline, the book is a great educational tool for kids to learn about the role of what vets do.  This book as well as the other When I Grow up I Want to Be… books are great for teachers to use in their classrooms to educate kids about the many different careers that kids can choose from when they grow up!  This book and the other books talks about character traits, skills and education of how one becomes a Vet, Teacher and so forth….  I highly recommend this book!

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