Photography is known as a competitive business that requires you to make effective marketing strategies and draw the attention of potential clients.

And there are various photography logo design options that confuse the selector (in other words the business owner). A wisely selected photography logo design is the best way to deliver your brand’s message to potential customers. In simple words, your photography logo design selection should be very specific and close to the kind of branding impact that you want to leave on your target clients. Such a professionally created photography logo design helps a lot in making a lasting impression on the targeted audience.

A thoughtfully designed photography logo design can become a company’s unforgettable visual identity. In similar way, there are some Never-Try-This methods when creating a photography logo.

And if you don’t have any idea how to design your photography logo design, take this post as a guide and follow the Do’s and Don’ts mentioned below.

Here are some dos and don’ts to consider when creating a good-looking photography logo design.


In order to offer you the best practices for designing a photography logo, let’s just start with the correct methods. Follow these rules to make your logo great and logo making process easy and attainable.

Research Your Target Audience

You need to define your target audience to influence their interest. Then you also need to define the category of your photography brand. Whether it is nature photography, wedding photography, tour and travel photography, or any other type. Doing this will allow you to be very specific not in your logo designing approach but how you want others to perceive you.

PhotographyPinpoint your interested niche of photography and then start researching the ideal consumer. Accordingly, you can form a photography logo design that will target the potential audience.

Be Unique and Simple

A great photography logo should have an outstanding design and looks different from its various competitors. The experts emphasize keeping a logo design simple. This means it should be able to convey its message for decades in the minimum possible elements of colors, graphics, typefaces, etc. In fact, you may use minimalism approach for designing your photography logo design and be distinctive in the market.

But simplicity doesn’t mean sacrificing creativity rather, it means that your logo should be unique and simple. This way, your photography logo design will be carrying your core message for many years.

Use Suitable Colours

The most important part of photography logos is the colour scheme. Colors are associated with our emotions, feelings, and even memories. You need to figure out which set of colors can best represent your photography business. Also, choosing the right color is important because colors communicate with the audience in an unspoken way.

After understanding colours’ psychology, create variations of the logo design with different colors. Put the logo design on your business card, website, and other spots and see which color combination will be suitable everywhere for brand consistency.


And now comes those steps that you should never include in your logo making process . Read them and fine tune your logo making approach for having the best photography logo design, below!

Don’t Include Massive Details

Great photography logos use precise material and details. Multiple colours, graphics, and fonts complicate the logo designs.

Photo by George Milton from Pexels

Therefore, focus on short details and a single key feature and design to create a custom photography logo design.

Choose a simple design because simple designs contain lower details and provide a more charming outlook. Communicate with your designer clearly that you need quite a simple and clutter-free logo with only a few colors and typefaces.

Don’t Use Too Many Colours

Multiple colours make the logo image blurry and complicated. Since it worked for Microsoft, it doesn’t necessarily work for any other brand especially if you’re a startup. Instead of doing any good to your brand, using multiple colours confuse your audience when they want to develop a perception about your photography business.

Make sure your photography logo design has minimum effective colours. If you use various colors, it will look unprofessional and unpleasant to the viewers. Therefore, stick to the limited colour variation to avoid confusion about your photography brand.

Don’t Use Shadows

Shadows are often used to create some visual effect into photography logo design. But drop shadows may also create display problems by making files heavier. Therefore, avoid shading the letters to avoid an ultimately cliched look to the logo design. Hire an experienced designer to get professional photography logo designing services. So, you may improve the overall appearance of your photography logo design by just eliminating these cringy shadows that might appeal to a non-creative being actually ruin your branding.

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