book_email_Promo1Penny-pinching is no longer about clipping coupons and hoarding canned goods in your pantry. Our society’s recent shift toward frugality since the recession is all about being a savvy shopper and doing your homework. Luckily, someone has already done the homework (10 years worth) and is sharing the big secrets to outsmarting airlines, hotels, banks and retailers.

Written by Brad Wilson, founder of, Do More, Spend Less is brimming with real-life examples of how Wilson has personally saved tons of money as a professional bargain hunter, and shares tips on how you can make changes in your own life to become a smarter consumer.

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Highlights of the book include how-to’s on:

  • Earning 5m frequent flyer miles without actually flying
  • Staying in 5-star hotels virtually cost-free
  • Buying a new car for 25% off
  • Improving your credit score

Do More, Spend Less is an easy and enjoyable read that lives up to its promises of dishing out new money-saving practices for both the newly thrifty, and skilled shoppers alike.


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