HouseWith the stock market in roller coaster mode following the debt ceiling debate and aftermath, many real estate investment analysts continue to say it is a prime time to buy in to real estate if you are looking for a good deal.

The challenge is that if you are looking for a good deal as a home property buyer, you may have to take a hit on the selling side if you want to get rid of your home. We have been surprised as some of the huge homes in certain markets that are selling for rock bottom prices based on the size and features of the home. If you were looking for a dream home or more home for your dollar, it would seem a good time to buy.

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For us, we are well settled into our home and community and thankful that, relative to the national housing market, property values in our area have remained generally constant. Though we have not immediate thought of moving, this stability should help us when the time would come for us to sell our home. The question remains whether we will still see a good value for our money on the buying side.

For real estate property investors, getting an exceptionally good buy-in price is important given the lower resale price potential.

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