a novel by Robin Elno

ISBN:  978-0-9981659-9-8  paperback
ISBN:  978-0-9990573-0-8  E-book
220 pages
‘Clown William’ a novel by Robin Elno is a western style story about William, a cowboy, with ‘Tourette’s Syndrome ,that seems to make this cowboy a Clown William by Robin Elnogood candidate for town sheriff it seems.  William does have many questions on how he wants to live a happy life. Where do we all fit in this world no matter what century we live in at the moment of our lives.  William has many decisions to make for himself.  William enters town and his life changes in many ways.
Robin Elno has written a juvenile/young adult novel that brings historical highlights to the age of railroads.  Society is about change in individuals and groups.  This is also a story that mentions famous gunslingers such as Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson.   Clown Williams is the first  in a series that will be about survival of the fittest and the adventures of Clown William.  The cover art of this book does the reader a basic idea of what the book will be about to a point.  It does answer the question in a way of ‘How the west was won?’
Teachers could possibly use this novel as part of a social studies/history lesson and unit about railroads, cowboys, and the towns they lived.  The American West and the period of American expansion is the time period that was kind of innovative as well as learning to deal with differences in the who and why we all become what we become just as William finds out about himself.

Clown William, written by Robin Elno, has been named as a SILVER WINNER in the Best First Book category of the 22nd Annual 2018 Independent Publisher Book Awards (“IPPY Awards”)! 

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Book Summary



A reluctant 1870’s gunslinger with Tourette’s and a quick draw. . .

When William’s father kicks him out of his Kansas home, no one—including William—thinks he’ll amount to much. William suffers from an ailment that causes him to twitch uncontrollably. Of course, this is strange behavior to folks on the frontier.  Needless to say, it’s tough for William to make friends.

William’s strange tic insults an outlaw. Forced to defend himself, William discovers his condition gives him phenomenal speed and accuracy with a six-gun.

In Trinidad, Colorado, William struggles to keep out of the way of two railroad giants fighting to control the town. He wants to pick up and leave.  But he has a new friend and she needs his help.

William just wants to fit in somewhere. But people keep picking on him. People with guns.

About the Author


Robin Elno is a retired Army Colonel, semi-retired psychiatrist and full-time author. He lives in San Antonio Texas and is an active member of the San Antonio Writers’ Guild.

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