While many Americans would prefer to take more vacations than they do, one of the hang ups is finding access to cheap holidays. One technique some people turn to in order to find a more affordable trip is packaged deals where you can get airfare, resort or hotel stay, car transportation and some tourist tickets all bundled into one deal. This not only offers some economies of scale but you can also save time in putting all of these individual elements together on your own.

Of course, a challenge in selecting a packaged resort vacation or other travel deal is that you sometimes have no flexibility in what you get. You often must agree to take on the entire package without the ability to select substitutes for travel or lodging.

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Another way to save money on a vacation is to plan ahead. If you know the dates you will travel early, you can often get better prices on tickets, hotels and car rentals. Plus, you may get better ticket prices to tourist stops or entertainment venues. Some of these places offer discounts or buy one get one opportunities.

While saving money is a common concern in planning a vacation, having fun is obviously important too. Make sure you select a plan that will be of interest to you.

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