It is amazing how many different methods and approaches people are using to make money online these days. The concept of Internet business is so broad and deep that there are an infinite number of types of online business and income opportunities.

Obviously, you can set up a website and operate a conventional e-tail shop or business. Many people have used the web to expand the potential market for their creative business pursuits. This has been a real blessing for lots of stay-at-home moms who have set up their own businesses and been very successful, while also managing a family.

Content media sites have become very popular as well. There are a wide range of sites that follow this business model, including traditional newspapers and magazines that have added web content. Bloggers in various genres and topics and developed sites and blogs to fill a wide range of niches. There are many ways to derive income from this format, including direct and indirect ad sales, affiliate programs (some of which offer a residual income source), product sales and more.

Affiliate site are another type of internet business format. While many sites sell products and services as an affiliate, some sites are established solely for this purpose. This is not unlike a dealership selling tangible products in a ‘real world’ business setting. A site operator establishes relationships with one or more online companies and sells products or services in exchange for a commission.

No matter which techniques you use to make money online, it is always more enjoyable if you can do something you enjoy or are passionate about. The Internet is still relatively young by historical standards, having first boomed in the mid-1990s. Even though there are tons of site and business already making money online, your creative instincts could still open doors to untapped opportunities.

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