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Does your dad like to read about sports or history?  McGraw Hill provided this great list of books they recommend to make your shopping trip easier.  You can purchase the books on their website by clicking the links below.  Happy Fathers Day!

The Revolutionary Trilogy – Written by celebrated and award-winning nautical writer James L. Nelson, here are the details of the Revolutionary War written for the true history lover, painstakingly reconstructed from naval documents, journals, diaries, letters, and ships’ logs, combined with swashbuckling vitality and narrative style.  The trilogy is Benedict Arnold’s Navy, George Washington’s Secret Navy and the recently released George Washington’s Great Gamble.

Don’t Ask What I Shot! All presidents have their sports pastimes, and Ike had golf. He played 800 rounds during his two terms and enjoyed putting on the White House lawn. But the book details that there was also a price to pay for his image as a golfing president.  Eisenhower’s love of the game left us with a legacy of golf carts, public courses, a surge in golf’s popularity in the 1950s, and tighter controls on celebrity messaging and imaging.  Here is a presidential history as seen through his love of the game.

The Original CurseSporting News writer and baseball historian Sean Deveney proposes that the fix was already in – a full year before the Great Black Sox Scandal of 1919. Deveney unearths evidence that gambling, war, the economy, and other factors may have contributed to the Cubs throwing the 1918 World Series to Babe Ruth’s Red Sox, inciting Black Sox Scandal.  The greatest baseball story never told!

Babe Ruth – Today a ball player like Babe Ruth would be the Headline King of New York. From the babes and the booze to the batting averages and the rags-to-riches story, he made the game of baseball sing. Here’s the story of his infamous trade and how he assumed the mythical mantle of The Babe, his rightful place in American history.

Tim McCarver’s Diamond Gems – From catcher to analyst, McCarver has devoted his life to the game. Here’s an anthology of wonderfully memorable anecdotes from the famed players who have been on his show, from Koufax and Aaron to Yogi, Ripken, Jr., A-Rode, Mattingly, and Bench.

Beyond the Boys of Summer – Roger Kahn’s writing is up there with Jim Bouton, George Will, and W.P. Kinsella.  This anthology of his best work brings readers face to face with some of the greatest names in sport, including Muhammad Ali, Jack Dempsey, Reggie Jackson, and Pete Rose. Through Kahn’s fly-on-the-wall style, readers will see Duke Snider in the avocado fields of California, Mickey Mantle in Texas taverns, and Joe DiMaggio watching his famous wife, Marilyn Monroe, flirt for the movie cameras.

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