Breaking with Dyslexia: ADD/ADHD Aphasia Autism Stuttering Hearing & Sight Problems:a workbook by Dennis Brooks

If you’re a regular reader of Bookroomreviews I’m guessing you have a love of reading and hope to pass that along to your kids. We try to introduce good books for you and your kids to enjoy.Unfortunately reading does not come easy for some people. I never had a problem with my reading* and always enjoyed a good book. That is not the case with some people. No matter how much they want to  enjoy a good book or maybe struggle through their homework that’s exactly what it is a “struggle”.dyslexia

In his new book Breaking with Dyslexia  Author Dennis Brooks tries to help students from preschool through high school with their struggles. A  workbook filled with different drills and idea’s about phonics,pronunciation sight words and other helpful exercises.Whether the problem stems from Dyslexia,ADD,ADHD,Autism or other learning disabilities this book will help.

At first I thought this book was put together backwards it starts right off the bat with drills and no explanation at all and it goes on like that for about 100 pages.It then goes on to explain some of the learning disabilities that may be behind theses struggles that kids have while reading. But once again I may have been wrong (imagine that!). But with at least At least six books on reading to his name I'm pretty sure Mr Brooks knows what he's doing.This book is a great place to start if you feel your child may need a little help. A nice little workbook that may just make reading a bit more enjoyable for you and yours and take some of that struggle away.

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For a chance to win one of three copies the author is giving away just leave us a comment below or for more than one entry click here  to go to our giveaway page and if you want it NOW visit Amazon



  1. I would love to win this book for my brother who has autism.

  2. Seems like an odd thing to start right off the bat with drills without any explanation. Does he has a companion book? Just curious.

    Naila Moon from the Kid Lit Bog Hop

  3. What a great resource and I have a few parents who will welcome this book. Thanks for bringing it to our attention at the Kid Lit BlogHop

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this book. We’ve been questioning whether or not my grandson is dyslexic and are waiting to get him tested. I am definitely going to grab a copy of this book if we find out he is.

  5. I have at least one daughter with dyslexia (and my husband is as well). I’d love to win a copy.

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