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Blue Blue Sea Finds His Cape

By Mirada N. Prather and Hayley Mullins

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Miranda Prather First came to horse racing through greats like Seattle Slew and Alydar,her first horse racing love. She moved to Kentucky at nine andBlue Sea started taking lessons in dressage and show-jumping. She later owned Beble and Argentinean born racehorse while in high school.In 2004 Blue Blue Sea a great-grandson of Alydar,came into her life. The story of Blue Blue Sea is her first published book

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Blue Blue Sea Finds His Cape tells the life story of a blue-collar racehorse who overcame a devastating illness to survive and inspire thousands around the globe who were facing their own struggles. The book features playful writing and delightful pictures, by Kentucky artist Hayley Mullins, that bring the tale of Blue Blue Sea to life. Blue Blue Sea was no American Pharoah, but he became a hero just the same! To learn more and follow Blue Blue Sea’s world visit:

An adorable book for kids and adults.

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