The ABC’s of Living Green

Theresa A. McKeown

Illustrated by: Arisbet Sandoval Cantu


ISBN:  978-0-692-93965-9

The ABC’s of Everything, LLC


The ABC’s of Living Green’ by Theresa A. McKeown is Beautiful inspirational and enjoyable .  This is a poetry book written for children, but  actually could be for all ages.  Poetry of true enlightenment through reading this artistic work. Theresa has written a collection of poetry that will make the reader want to learn more about conservation. Will teach kids to do more about improving the natural environment we all live.


Arisbet has drawn pictures for each poem . They point to the central idea of each of the poems written by Theresa.  Through this book the reader will know what it means to be human as it states on the dedication page .   There were a lot of poems in this book that I really liked and they are as follows:  ‘Focus’, ‘Heal’, ‘Knowledge’ ‘Meditate’, ‘Respect’, ‘Transform’, and ‘Visualize’.  Other works that lend credence to may favorites are ‘Lead’ and ‘Journey’ .For that is what we are suppose to do to help educate others about ecology and nature.  All the illustrations use primary colors and their various hues and contrasts to bring understanding to the reader for when I read the final poem ‘Zen’ for we are one with nature.  These poems are about making connections and how we can work together for all to live ‘green’ and continue learning.  A fun and creative way to learn what makes conservation is all about to all of us.


A five star read in writing and artistry.

About the Author


Theresa McKeown spent over two decades in the entertainment arena before embracing her true passion of writing children’s books. After producing hundreds of hours of television for a host of cable and network outlets, Theresa is now on the path of what she considers her highest calling.

Theresa and her sisters have created “The ABC’s of Everything, LLC”, a family endeavor solely focused on publishing several series of children’s books, digital content and educational curriculum’s. All will be written and produced with an awareness of the true possibilities that children of the 21st century can realize.

As an author, Theresa is dedicated to estimating rather than underestimating the wisdom of children. Her philosophy is that kids are fully adept at understanding nuance and meaning and it’s not necessary to talk down to them. She is dedicated to creating a new paradigm in the children’s book world by introducing work that fully embraces the insightfulness, perception and unlimited intellectual potential of today’s youth.

Her books are meant to plant the seeds of education and awareness early in a child’s development, knowing full well that children will ultimately blossom into the best versions of who they are meant to be.

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