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for A Kids

Halloween Party Menu in Budget


From carving pumpkins to distributing candies, Halloween comes with a list of snacks to buy. Add a Halloween party for children in the to-do pile and you have more to spend on. But parties don’t have to be costly; you can manage them without breaking the bank. Apart from the setup, you can also slash down other expenses. A Halloween party menu in budget can save you a good amount in the food department whereas DIY ideas can save money in the decoration area.
There’s no point following Instagram influencers for throwing a Halloween party for children. In trying to keep up with the trends, you’ll find your pocket going empty over parties that can be fun even in a low budget. Talking about snacks and dishes that you can place on the table for the celebration, let’s help you out with some simple and budget-friendly food items. Here are some of the best eatables to add to your Halloween party menu in budget:

1 – Spooky Pasta

Source: https://vegetarianmamma.com/spooky-halloween-pasta/

This recipe can be a part of the main courses that you serve in your Halloween party menu in budget. Start with boiling spaghetti, as many as you think would be enough for all in attendance. Once your pasta is ready, pour on your homemade sauce. Make sure that this sauce is red in color. Top the layer of sauce with boiled egg whites which have black or green olives for eyeballs. Sprinkle on either corns or seeds of your choice and you have a super tasty item on the table.




2 – Ghost Pizzas

Source: https://www.tasteofhome.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Kid-Size-Ghost-Pizzas_exps161702_UH2464847A03_20_7bC_RMS-2-696×696.jpg

Next on this list are ghost pizzas. This item is going to be an affordable hit with the audience since children have a love affair with pizzas. You can prepare your typical pizza recipe. But instead of a round dough, go for a ghost-shaped one. Or go for a round dough with ghost details. For upping the notch on spookiness, garnish with red chopped and sliced veggies. Give the pizza eyes using pepperoni and olives. If you want, you can make smaller ghost pizzas instead of large ones.

3 – Pumpkin Cake

Halloween zhaped Pumpkin Cake
Source: https://res.cloudinary.com/renshaw/image/upload/w_540,h_540,c_lfill/v1501502556/test/1294_3309_hq3vx9.jpg


As we all know, Pumpkin has a special place in the overall history of Halloween – with Jack-o-lantern being the most popular Halloween decoration and everything. But surprising, you can consume this fruit too. (Who would’ve thunk it?). You can bake a pumpkin shaped and orange colored cake at home. However, not everyone is good at baking fancy cakes in which case you can order your cake online. In fact, if you are not a fan of cakes, you can order Halloween-themed pastries as well. If you have a coupon or discount code, you will be able to fetch cakes or other food items at a chopped off price. Hopefully, many bakeries will be giving coupons around the holiday’s time to up sales.
Halloween is certainly a fun time for kids, but it’s pretty expensive on the pockets of adults. With a Halloween party menu in budget, you can save a good amount. Which of these snacks and dishes did you like best? Tell us in the comments!

4 – Caramel-Dipped Apples

Candie Apples
Source: https://bakingamoment.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/6728featured.jpg


If your goal is to have a perfect Halloween party menu in budget that the kids will love, add caramel-dipped apples to this list. The best part is that apart from being a delicious and pocket-friendly item, caramel-dipped apples are also super easy to make. Don’t just dip small apples into caramel but also give appealing finishing touches. On the caramel coating, you can stick some crushed candies, gummies, and even sprinkle chocolate.





5 – Meatball Mummies


Yet another appetizer that is nice to the taste buds are meatball mummies. Simply deep-fry your favorite recipe of meatballs with a breadcrumb coating first. Next, go ahead and wrap the balls randomly in noodles. At the end, give the meatballs creepy eyes with sliced olives. Add ketchup, BBQ or another sauce for detailing the eyeballs. To keep the expense of this dish within the budget, don’t choose a very elaborate meatball recipe.

6 – Gummy Popcorns


Popcorns are not that expensive and the same can be said about gummies. You just have to make your popcorns and put into bowls first. Then, open up a packet of worm-shaped gummies and mix those with the popcorn. That’s it. You get a simple treat which is fit for the occasion. To make the popcorns some more delicious, sprinkle chocolate sauce on them. That’s all. You have another item on your Halloween party menu in budget.

7 – Smoky Witches Brew

Halloween Punch
Source: https://cdn-image.myrecipes.com/sites/default/files/styles/4_3_horizontal_-_1200x900/public/green-punch-sl-257698-r.jpg.jpg?itok=PXHyRqg_

We’ve talked about many eatables for your Halloween party menu in budget. Now, let’s come to the beverage for the event. You can make a cheap beverage by learning a juice blend recipe online. Add crushed ice to the cauldron of the drink. To give off a spooky effect, place dry ice on sides of the containers. This will make it seem like the drink is either too hot or too cold. You can also just use a simple juice with crushed ice rather than a blend making which would consume more time.



8 – RIP Sandwiches

RIP Coffin Sandwiches

Source: https://images-gmi-pmc.edge-generalmills.com/92c9487b-06f2-440e-b6d7-5d4030ad986b.jpg
To add more to the Halloween party menu in budget, you can also make sandwiches. Choose whichever recipe you find most suitable to your pocket. You can make chocolate spread sandwiches or peanut butter sandwiches. If these two options don’t work for you, you can also make club sandwiches. To give a Halloween effect to them, cut the slices in the shape of coffins or tombstones. Write RIP on the bread in bold letters with a sauce that goes with the type of sandwiches you make.

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