5 Things You Should Know About the End Slavery Act

Every 30 seconds, someone is abducted into slavery. That means, by the time you are done reading this blog article, there will be 4-5 more slaves in the world.

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That may shock you.

I know it shocked me the first time I heard it, but the truth is this: there are 30,000,000 slaves in the world.

…. and most of them are women. In fact, the latest stats from the International Trade Organization say that 80 percent of the slaves worldwide are women and children.

Modern day slavery is a global problem, and it will continue to be a problem as long as the enforcement of human trafficking laws is weak.

In February 2015, Senator Bob Corker, proposed a bill that I believe goes a long way in positioning the U.S. and other Global Leaders to make a change.

The bill is a tremendous piece of legislature called the End Modern Slavery Initiative Act.

Here are 5 things you need to know about the End Modern Slavery Initiative Act:

1. This Initiative will contribute to the freeing of slaves

2. This initiative will contribute to sustainable recovery of victims

3. This initiative will make it easier to punish perpetrators of modern slavery

4. This initiative will contribute to the prevention of modern day slavery

5. This initiative will fund organizations outside of the U.S. that must achieve a 50 percent reduction of modern day slavery in targeted areas

This is a bold, trans-formative legislation, and it’s one I support.

This is only one piece of the puzzle, however. The church must have a voice in this fight. It is not in our government’s court alone to fight slavery. We need to take ownership, as a church.

I think a powerful example of how the church can make a difference in ending slavery can be seen in The Freedom Challenge (FC). Freedom Challenge, in conjunction with Operation Mobilization USA (OM), is on a mission to free 1 million slaves and has already raised over three million dollars for the cause to date. OM works in partnership with believers and churches around the world and that’s key. OM doesn’t parachute in with worthless, unsustainable “solutions.” It is a part of the community.

If you’re interested in an organization of free women fighting for enslaved women, it’s an incredible example of what we can do when we work together.

Together, we can make a difference.

Join me in spreading the word!


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