I’ve read a lot of Children’s books geared towards Christmas. The latest one is Twelve Days of Elfin by Melanie Chambers . The thing about this book is it’s a great Christmas themed book for someone with young kids. It’s basically a count down to the big day with a different craft or activity to work on each day.

Read one chapter a day and have a little family fun while getting the kids involved. While having the fun of these little activities they are also looking forward to the next chapter and getting more excited for Christmas (If that’s possible)

So starting on day one with Banana Bread through the next twelve days you end up creating Paper Snowflakes You gotta check this book out. Along with this fun stuff the book is also loaded with very nice colorful illustrations to go along with everything. So Why the  Twelve Days of Elfin? How about we ask the Author…


Why Twelve Days of Elfin?

Let The Author Melanie Chambers tell you why

Trying to get some sleep one night after a long work day my mind would not settle at all. I lay in bed thinking of my Children and how very much they enjoyed Christmas. Wouldn’t it be fun if I wrote a book that a child and an adult could enjoy together.

With busy lifestyles we forget the important things in life, sometimes technology seems to be used a lot in most family homes. Finding time to do activities sometimes can be hard but with ‘Twelve days of Elfin’ you can read a story and do an activity at the end of each story.

So not only does your child have a lovely story to read but they get to make what Elfin has made in the book, I wrote this story for my children and all children that enjoy cooking, making crafts or just reading the story – something that everyone might like. The recipes in the book are quite simple so as not to make it too difficult for the children to do, but also trying to use every day things that most people use in their house.

We all recycle, that’s why I have introduced some ideas we could do with leftover items. For example, bottles, jars, string paper etc. That is what makes this book great if you can’t afford to buy ingredients for one of the stories you can always do a recycling story instead, for one of the other days.

For some people, buying a lot of craft items and ingredients can be very expensive, so teaching your child to recycle and look after the world we live in is a great way of doing that. The ideas in this book are all my own, and after getting let down at the last minute by my illustrator, my friends and I got together to help draw and paint the art work, spending late nights painting and drawing. I am dyslexic, so a teacher friend give my book the once-over checking spelling and grammar. I really do hope people enjoy my book and that it brings family and friends together.

The great thing about it is, if you only wanted to read the story and not do the activity you can. I am hoping to write more books like this in the future but for now I am writing a second book called ‘The Strange and Peculiar Goings on in Hubble Drift Village’ for children from the age of about eight years old and upwards. I have just put the ‘Twelve Days of Elfin’ book on audio, so hard-of-hearing or visually impaired families will still be able to get involved in the book.

The characters in the story book are based on my own children, so it has made this book very special to do for us .We have already given it a trial run and we feel it works really well, but we have put it to one side for now. We are looking forward to doing the book’s activities twelve days before Christmas.


Keep the magic of Christmas alive for your little ones with this delightfully festive story by author and mum Melanie Chambers, to help create magical times together, with lots of fun and happy memories, for parents and children everywhere.

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Melanie Chambers was born in Bristol, and had a troubled childhood. She was only diagnosed with dyslexia a few years ago on a British Sign Language course. Melanie has been inspired by her own children to write books for that age group, due to their limitless imaginations. With her younger daughter also being an arts and crafts fan, and with Christmas being a favourite holiday it made sense to combine them into a her first book – The Twelve Days of Elfin.

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