The Perfect One

Sue Lancaster (author) Diego Vaisberg & Rocio Caputo (illustrators)

Who doesn’t try to be perfect at one time or another in one’s life? ‘The Perfect One’ is a children’s.
picture book written by Sue Lancaster and drawn by Diego Vaisberg and Rocio Caputo. It is a story of
sisters who have their own certain talents and how they show and complete them. They learn that each
of them learn in different ways whether in the classroom or the gymnasium. They each realize
something very important about each other.
Sue has written a story that is easy to read and will show children and adults how being perfect can
affect all us in good and bad ways. We all learn we have our own ways to show how we see ourselves.
Diego and Rocio have chosen to draw pictures that are ‘perfect’ but show many differences that shows
the characters that no one is really perfect in anyway. At the end of the story there are ways that a
teacher or counselor/social worker can discuss that being perfect has its’ good and bad sides.



Cami and Isa are very different sisters. 

Cami always wants to be perfect. She worries about it every single day! She follows all the rules, does all her homework on time, and never makes a fuss.

Isa, on the other hand, is confident everything she does is perfect, even when it’s most definitely not. Her drawing on the wall? Perfect. Her bowling ball bouncing into the other lane? Perfect-er.

When the two sisters face their own challenges at the first day of basketball camp, they realize there’s a lot they can teach each other. Featuring charming and humorous illustrations, The Perfect One shares gentle messaging about the importance of patience, practice, and supporting your siblings.

The perfect book for kids struggling with perfectionism, or any child that compares themselves to a sibling, The Perfect One helps children understand there’s no such thing as perfect—just being perfectly true to you.

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About The Perfect One creators:

Sue Lancaster lives in London with her husband and two daughters. She has a degree in Media Studies at the University of East London. She grew up in Clacton on the coast of Essex and spent much of her childhood in or beside the sea, playing with her three cats, or being tormented by her two older brothers.

Diego Vaisberg is an Art Director and Illustrator at DGPH Illustration and Design Studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and illustration professor at Palermo University and collaborator at Universidad de Buenos Aires in graphic design. Vaisberg has over 20 years working on visual development, advertising and illustration for children’s products.

Rocío Caputo works as an illustrator and visual development artist and is an Illustration and VisDev professor at Palermo University in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Caputo is truly passionate about sharing stories through her work and creating a deeper visual narrative.

ISBN: 979-8-887700-97-7
Mayo Clinic Press Kids
26 pages

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