The Little Lambs and the Very Special Mission is a cute and great read.  The author: Rhonda Paglia is a retired elementary teacher from Hermitage, PA.  She wrote this special book in dedication to the children and teachers of Sandy Hook: (The awful tragedy, where the gunman took the lives of 26 people: 20 students and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton Connecticut on December 14, 2012) and all profits of the book go to the Angels in Charge Scholarship Fund for students who graduate from Newton, CT. and plan to pursue a career in eduction.

The author of this book felt terrible about this awful tragedy and decided to express her grief by writing this book.  The author had a vision of the 20 students of sandy hook as little lambs, who was scooped up into God’s hands and escorted to Heaven by the six angels in charge,”who represent the heroic teachers of Sandy Hook.”  So this is how the book came about.   The author also asked an eighth grader: Taylor Galaska to assist her with the illustrations.  Taylor also wanted to do something over his sorrow of this tragedy.

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The little lambs in the book whom are scooped up into God’s hands and escorted to Heaven by the six angels in charge are given a special mission from God.  God tells the lambs that the people on earth have forgotten how much he loves them and how to be kind to each other.  The lambs are given the mission to remind the people on earth to be kind to each other.

So what happens, do the lambs help people on earth be more loving and kind to each other?  Your will have to read the book and find out.  I also love the pictures in the book.  The pictures are cute and convey  a special message to the reader.  I especially like one picture that shows the lambs playing and doing many different activities together, just before they are called by God to their special mission.  This book is a great tribute to the Sandy Hook community.  The book also has many important lessons to kids and even adults who read the book about how to treat one another.  I hope you choose to read this book and remember too your money that you gave to the author for the book will go towards the Angels in Charge Scholarship Fund!


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