A Poetic Journey of Recovery


By Brenda Rausch



Raw and Relatable Recovery Journey Recited in Memoir of Poetry and Art

Brenda Rausch shares her journey of recovery from alcohol addiction and emotional trauma in an inspiring collection of art, poetry, and prose



When Author Brenda Rausch was asked “Why she wrote this book”?…

   I wrote the book to help others. I have witnessed how personal stories can be a powerful part of the healing process. The book is my personal story expressed in poetry and prose.

The poems were birthed over many years. Most of them were written around my 1-year anniversary of sobriety. I use the term “birthed” because of the mental and emotional labor pains I felt when writing them.

A little back story here…. I never had a desire to write, let alone write poetry. What!!?? Not that there is anything wrong with these aspirations, it’s just that writing gave me very high anxiety. When I had to do it for school and then in my business career, it usually was a very painful process and didn’t come naturally. I also avoided speech and public speaking like the plague until I was required to do it for my job. At the end of my business career I was writing strategic planning documents and business plans… but still struggling with high anxiety and what I call “writer’s block”.

The poetry that came upon me was like a purging of sorts. These rhymey sing songy words were just spewing out of me. I felt like Dr Seuss at times. It was like I “needed” to do it.

At times I was writing 4 poems a day. This was years ago now and still amazes me. For a while I was calling them “hair balls”. After a time, I decided that I needed to honor the process rather than make fun of it or attempt to push it away. This wasn’t just one or two poems; it was a wave of inspiration coming from a higher source – helping me heal through a form of expression that I was not familiar.

So, ok…it was cathartic, I have been trained as a counselor – I get the need for catharsis – for release and cleansing. After a year of this going on, I felt inspired to take pictures to go with the poems. I was kind of wild frankly, because I’m not that interested in taking pictures – just ask my husband. Then I felt the need to compile them into what I now call the first manuscript called “The Poetry – My Tapestry of Recovery”.

My therapist at the time said something about me being a gifted poet and maybe I should do poetry readings. I still remember hearing her say it and feeling like I needed to physically back away from her – No WAY was I going to do that. I would ask others what they thought was going on with this. It sure was a mystery to me. Over time a thought entered my mind and wouldn’t leave “Share them with others, it could help them too”. But how?

I started by sharing them occasionally when the spirit moved me. With individuals one on one. It would go

Brenda Rausch

something like this: The person would share something vulnerable and raw I would say “what you are sharing sort of reminds me of a poem I wrote” and then I would find the poem and let them read it.

Afterwards it was a feeling of deep connection with that person. It was like – “yes you do understand. The feeling

was like what I’ve experienced in the rooms of recovery meetings. People nodding their heads when someone shares. Feelings of connection, belonging, understanding.

These poems were an integral part of my recovery journey. They helped me heal. My hope and my prayer are that they will be helpful to others as well.



“Stepping into Trust: A Poetic Journey of Recovery”

By Brenda Rausch

ISBN: 9781973641896 (softcover); 9781973641902 (hardcover); 9781973641889 (electronic)

Available at the Westbow Press Online Bookstore and Amazon


Author, speaker and addiction recovery advocate, Brenda Rausch, chronicles her transformation over many years as she learned to trust herself and God during her journey to recovery from alcohol addiction and past emotional trauma. Her memoir, “Stepping into Trust: A Poetic Journey of Recovery,” shares very real experiences that many on similar journeys can relate to.

Rausch, with a master’s degree in addiction counseling and 20 years of experience working in the addiction treatment industry, is passionate about sharing her experiences to offer hope and strength to others in recovery.

Stories are powerful, and I felt called by God to share mine in this way,” the author said. “My hope and prayer are that they will be helpful to others on a recovery journey.”

Stepping into Trust” shares both the beautiful moments and the darker moments of recovery in poem, memoir, and art form. Rausch provides solace to those on similar journeys and insight to family members or loved ones outside the journey looking to help and understand.

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