So You Think You Can Dance

Okay, please indulge my dance obsession again this week.  Last night there was a breathtaking routine from Tyce Diorio.  In past years my favorite routines have been from Mia Michaels, but so far this year Tyce’s routines have been incredible.  The dancers last night showed amazing skill and emotion and physical strength.  Tyce said this piece was about the Garden of Eden and they were Adam and Eve.  Also you may notice the audience is so quiet you can hear the dancer’s breathe.  Amazing!   My favorite dancer still is Twitch but Will who dances in this routine is amazing as well. 

Here is another dance that I loved and was my second favorite, The Bollywood Routine.  This one is for Alea:)



  1. I thought last night’s show was great too! My favorites are Twitch and Josh. I love your little indulgence into So You Think you Can Dance each week. LOL.

  2. I was hoping you would write about it again this week because I wanted to say…. I was so very very happy about the final routine of the night. I’m obsessed with Bollywood and they did a great job! I have actually seen the movie that the song was from. That made my night!!

  3. bookroomreviews says:

    Darlene, I think Twitch will win, that is my bold prediction:)Tracy
    Alea, I almost put the Bollywood routine up. I debated between this one and the Bollywood one. What movie is that from? I would love to watch it! Tracy

  4. You should put it up! I want to watch it again! It’s a movie called Om Shanti Om. It’s a good one!

  5. bookroomreviews says:

    Alea, Thanks!I posted it for ya! Enjoy:)

  6. Yay thank you! I’m going to watch it right now!

  7. I love this show as well. My daughter and I are hooked on it. We like Twitch as well.

  8. bookroomreviews says:

    Bree, I hope Twitch wins!! Time will tell:)

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