So Long as We’re Together


A Novel by Glenda Burgess


When I received this book I wasn’t sure it would be something I could get into.It didn’t take long before I was trapped inside it. I know it’s a cliche’ but I couldn’t put it down. What first caught me was the writing plain and simple. The descriptive style and phrases. The way the author brought the characters to life. Marley remembering  Donna saying  “Pitch a ladder to the Moon and hang party Lights”. You know what kind of woman Donna was. Upbeat,free-spirited always trying to keep her girls happy. Then there’s Marley a conflicted soul and then the Diva Andi.

Reading the title and book summary I assumed it was going to basically be  story about the sister relationship. It is so much more than that. As Long as we’re together I think was Donna’s Mantra. Donna a single mom doing  her best to let her girls know everything will be ok as long as they’re together. “THE STONE GIRLS

The story is seen through the eyes of Marley Stone. Marley is the song writing half of the Andi Stone Tour with her twin sister Andi as the Singer and leader of the band. Marley not interested in the spotlight Andi lives for it. The story is told through flashbacks as Marley remembers her past. Remembers her mother who the girls always called Donna.Both Marley and Andi are torn with the memory of their mothers suicide. Never knowing why she would do such a thing.

As twins the women are very different.Marley seems to be afraid of commitment while Andi makes a habit of marriage and divorce.We do find out the reasons for this. The way they grew up and past experiences can have something to do with that.

As I said before the author brings this compelling story to life.The characters are full and you feel like you know them. She tugs at your heartstrings with the ups and downs of Marly’s life. Not necessarily a tearjerker but this novel is everything you could want in a good book. There are happy,and funny parts of the girls life.

This is a Novel about life,about relationships , about A few surprises as we learn more and more about this girls past and where they may go in the future. So as Donna Stone would say. “Take a ride on the Night Train” and get this book.

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Book Summary

Two little girls, holding hands and singing in the back seat of a car. There for each other, unafraid. Life for the Stone girls is a life lived on the edge. Singing for a living, Marley and Andi find their way through a childhood of upheaval marked by their mother Donna’s dark, unpredictable flights. Today, Marley writes the songs her twin, country diva Andi Stone, makes famous, and the girls’ connection struggles to survive the cuts and devastations of fame. “You girls,” laments their manager. “One of you marries indiscriminately, the other not at all.” When without warning Donna Stone takes her own life, alone at the family cabin, danger stalks Marley back to Lost Prince Lake, back into the loves and betrayals of the past. Hidden truths threaten to take the Stone sisters down, singly and together. A powerful, intimate portrait of love, ambition, and survival, So Long As We’re Together takes the reader into the lives of three women who give song to broken hearts, and for whom music is the language of family.




About the Author

GLENDA BURGESS is a winner of the Rupert Hughes Award for Fiction and a New Century Writer Short Story Award finalist. Her literary memoir, THE GEOGRAPHY OF LOVE, was celebrated as one of the Ten Best Books of 2008 by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, a finalist for the Books for a Better Life Award, and chosen as a Target Breakout Book “Top 25” nationwide. A lifelong traveler, Glenda resides in the Pacific Northwest.





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