Rhio Saves the Big Project!

     By John P. Curtin, Jr

For fans of Rhio the lovable rhinoceros from the children’s book Rhio  Saves the big Day …

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This is the second book in the Rhio and Friend’s series.Only 28 pages and perfect for kids up to 4th grade. It follows the continuing wacky and fun-filled adventures of Rhio, the lovable Rhinoceros, and his three friends: Liam the Lion, Joey the Bear, and Carrot the Rabbit. The big History & Science Fair is fast approaching. Will they have their project ready in time? Together, they work to overcome great odds, always cheerful and with a smile.Rhio  the lovable rhinoceros, who along with his three rhiobest friends:, Joey the Bear, Liam the Lion and Carrot the Rabbit, go from one fun-filled adventure to another. Rhio is always eager to help, but sometimes winds up contributing to the problem. Join us for the first in a series of adventures for the wacky foursome!

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Author John P. Curtin, Jr. or “Jack” is the creator, illustrator, and co-author of both Rhio Saves The Big Day! and Rhio Saves the Big Project! He is nineteen years old, a Campbell H.S. graduate, an Eagle Scout, and is currently enrolled as a marketing major at Merrimack College, in North Andover, MA. In his spare time Jack enjoys sports, camping, and hiking.

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