Read a Thon


Hi Everyone!  If you are reading my blog today I am participating in a FUN Read a Thon and will be posting updates throughout the day and night.  Hi fellow Readers!  I am starting a bit late this morning.  For my reading right now, I am going to finishing Company of Liars by Karen Maitland, you can see the picture in my sidebar.  Also if any of you are interested in signing up for the Book giveaway Carnival I am hosting it starts Nov 3.  Here is the link if you want to see what it’s all about.  It will be fun.  Also mark the date so you can enter to win in all the book giveaways going on!  Happy Reading!


  1. Enjoy your reading day!

  2. Good morning! (Well, it’s still morning where I’m at.)

    Happy reading!

  3. Good luck with the read-a-thon Tracy. I’ll be cheering you on. I’ve got to go check out the book carnival now, I keep meaning to and then I forget. Old age you know. lol.

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